Custom Patreon Stickers! (set of 2)

Custom Patreon Stickers! (set of 2)

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Set of 2 custom Patreon stickers with your handle!

Size option 1 is better for longer usernames

Size option 2 is better for shorter usernames

Under the size 1 option each sticker is 2.25cm tall (the logo is 2.25cm, the text is 1.75cm) - the length depends on the length of your Patreon username (up to a maximum of 20cm).

Under the size 2 option each sticker is 3cm tall (the logo is 3cm, the text is 2.5cm) - the length depends on the length of your Patreon username (up to a maximum of 30cm).

We will copy the exact text you enter into the box including capitalization, no emojis. If you include an @ symbol before your username we will also include this in the sticker.

- Easy application, die cut (no background) stickers
- Made from the best quality German made vinyl

Important! These are high quality 'die cut' stickers made from one colour (layered for multiple colours) - the black 'shadow' effect in the image is not part of the sticker. The colour options shown may appear different in person than on your screen.

Want a custom die cut sticker or banner? find us on Instagram or Facebook and send us a message!

Everything is made to order – we aim to process and ship your order within a few days of receiving it!