• Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)
  • Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)
  • Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)
  • Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)
  • Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)

Oni Tsurikawa! (Style 5)

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Oni Tsurikawa - custom made in your choice of colours!

Oni are one the greatest icons of Japanese folklore. They are large and scary, standing taller than the tallest man, and sometimes taller than trees - they come in many varieties. All oni possess extreme strength and constitution, and many of them are accomplished sorcerers.

This tsurikawa is 8.3cm wide, 11.5cm tall and is 1cm thick.

All of our straps are made of premium webbed nylon and are 2.5cm wide, and ~16cm long with a snap lock, ~15cm without (plus the length of the tsurikawa for the overall length).

Adding a snap lock will allow you to attach and remove your tsurikawa without any tools! if you choose not to add a snap lock, you will need a 2.5mm hex key to attach and remove your tsurikawa.

While our tsurikawa's are pretty durable and made from the best quality materials, they are intended for aesthetic purposes only - do not use your tsurikawa as a tow hook (it will break), or a hand hold (it might break - safety first!). Any tsurikawa hung outside of a vehicle will eventually become worn or damaged over time by debris and increased sun exposure - this is the traditional intention of a tsurikawa, dragging it behind your vehicle as a symbol of rebellion against authority! Our tsurikawas will last quite a while hung outside your vehicle - obviously, they will not last long dragged across the ground.

Due to the way our products are custom made they have a different texture from traditional plastic parts - please refer to the photos carefully!

Everything is made to order – we aim to process and ship your order within a few days of receiving it!

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