Sunstrip Banner!

Sunstrip Banner!

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Sun strip size: 1.4m x 20cm (trim to fit, adjust to the height you want during install)

Sunstrips are cut straight and will match the curve of your windscreen when installed - if your windscreen is curved the bottom edge of the sunstrip will match this curve, if your windscreen is flat the bottom edge will be straight.

Made from the best quality German made vinyl - weatherproof and high UV resistance, the same as all of our other stickers.

Design banners can be placed over sunstrips!

Important! These are high quality 'die cut' stickers made from one colour (layered for multiple colours) - the black 'shadow' effect in the image is not part of the sticker. The colour options shown may appear different in person than on your screen.

Want a custom die cut sticker or banner? find us on Instagram or Facebook and send us a message!

Please make sure you have had a look online and are comfortable installing a sunstrip yourself before ordering; there are plenty of videos showing various installation methods for doing so.

Everything is made to order – we aim to process and ship your order within a few days of receiving it!